Tired of always having your personal device (Phone) be on its last 10% of its battery?

Well, so were we!  What about those cumbersome and bulky power banks (batteries)?

Even if you have a spare battery, it has to be charged up or it's no good to you.  There's got to be a better way.  We were tired of always looking for an outlet or waiting in a car for a phone to charge up.  We also knew that charging all the personal devices in the market adds a lot to the carbon footprint just so we can talk to someone else.  We need a clean and renewable energy source to help with these problems.  And, as long as we are fixing these problems, why not make the solution cool and fun?

SOLSOL is not just a "Brand" name, but a "Statement" for everyone who believes in clean energy, in healing our world (lowering our CO2 emissions) and making a difference "One SOLSOL At A Time".  Each individual that participates will truly help fight the good fight.  It's not a huge statement, individually, but each small step counts and adds up.

So, come join us NOW!   We can help solve your low phone battery problem while you help the environment and look so COOL doing it.  Join the SOLSOL Revolution and let's all make a difference one SOLSOL at a time.. plus SOLSOL is really cool!

The Impact

There are over a billion people in the world today that do not have electricity or power.  The main reason is because of infrastructure and high cost.  SOLSOL is the first step that will allow an individual to charge their tech device without having to have electric power or a separate battery charger.  How cool is that!!

SOLSOL is not just a great product and solution!  It's a Statement!  The Impact is quite simple, together we all join and help heal our world, "One SOLSOL At A Time"! 

So next time you see someone wearing a SOLSOL product, send them a high five or shout out, "SOLSOL Revolution!".